Tradition has it that, as a child, Marius Boel, Danish dairyman had noticed that mouldy bread had a distinctive, piquant taste and when he was an adult he transformed this memory into innovation and created an original, unique Danish blue cheese.


Danish Blue Cheese (Danablu) is great crumbled on top of salads or used in salad dressings. It’s delicious in dips, soups and sauces or in hamburgers and grilled sandwiches. Sweet fruit, such as pears, apples, peaches and honey, all pair extremely well with blue cheese and create a very balanced palate.


Primary use 

For salads, sauces, cheese platter/dessert cheese.


Formats & sizes

100 g triangles

1,5 kg wedges

3 kg wheels 


Other varieties

Modified with vegetable oil.



Creamy, crumbly


White, with blue marbling





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