Because of its rich, creamy mouth feel and its sublime flavor, which no other product can come close to matching, butter is by far the preferred fat to use for nearly every preparation in the culinary arts. That includes everything from sauce making to baking. 


When heated, butter develops a magnificent nutty flavor. When used as a cooking medium, such as for sautéeing vegetables, it complements and enhances the flavors to the food that is being cooked in it. It also adds complexity to the flavor of sauces.


Primary use

For cooking, baking, on bread.


Formats & sizes 

10 g cups

200 g blocks 

250 g blocks 

500 g blocks 

1 kg block

5 kg blocks

25 kg blocks


Other varieties

Sweet Cream Butter, salted/unsalted
Lactic Butter, salted/unsalted
Reduced fat butter, 60% (modified w. vegetable oil)

Flavored with herbs and spices. 





Pale yellow





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