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There are many organizations who in each their field are doing great and important work, which makes the purposes and contributions of these equally worthy of getting support.


The reason behind Quantum's continued support to UNICEF is based on the belief that children in any event of an emergency or in relation to poverty are the most exposed and often the very first victims.


If we can contribute to the improvement of their life conditions and life opportunities, we can hopefully make the world a better place to live.


Quantum has as in previous years around Christmas and New Years donated a percentage of its annual profits to UNICEF's work with children all around the world.






Thank you for your support of DKK 20,000.00 to UNICEF’s work for the children who need help the most! Your donation is of great importance to so many children.

When you support UNICEF you support the CHILDREN. Especially the children who most of all need someone helping and protecting them. With contributions from people like you, we can help many more children in need. And we want to thank you for this!


UNICEF Denmark


December 2020



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