Traditional White Cheese




Creamy and crumbly, the traditional white cheese adds a salty tastiness to salads, antipasto and savoury pastries. Use it as topping for pizza or in any dish calling for salty rustic cheese. As an appetizer, serve it at room temperature with a little warm honey drizzled over it. It tastes delicious with olive oil, roasted red peppers and nuts.


This moist, crumbly white cheese is formed into large blocks, before being sliced and then stored in vacuum-sealed packs that keeps it fresh-looking and moist. The brine effectively ‘pickles’ the cheese, preserving it and giving it saltiness.  


Primary use

For salads, baking, cheese plate.


Formats & sizes

200 g slice, vacuume pack

2,3 kg loaves

800 g tins

1 kg tins 

1,8 kg cubes in brine (buckets)

14 kg cubes in brine (buckets)

300 g cubes in oil (jars)


Other varieties




Creamy, crumbly







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