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Edam and Gouda are Dutch cheeses originated in the villages of the same names over 800 years ago. Originally, cheesemakers shaped Edam into balls to roll down the gangplanks into ships for export. Since Edam has a firmer texture than Gouda, it maintained its round shape. 


Edam is well known for its buttery, slightly salty flavor and has almost no smell when compared to other cheeses. Gouda has a rich, "nutty" flavor with a touch of sweetness and smooth, creamy texture. 


Tilsit cheese originated in the city of Tilsit, in former East Prussia (today called Sowetsk, Russia), by immigrants from the Netherlands. Tilsit is developed in several European countries under various names (for example "Havarti" in Denmark, "Tilsitski" in Russia). It ranges in taste from lightly sour to tangy. Because of its mild flavor, Tilsit is also the perfect cheese for herb and spice addition.


Primary use

Excellent for melting into pasta bakes, gratin, quiches or on pizza.


Formats & sizes

3 kg loaves 

15 kg Euro blocks

1,9 kg Edam balls

4,5 kg Gouda wheels 

Shredded: 200 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg 5 kg, 6 kg bags.


Other varieties

With spices like chili, pesto, cumin, sundried tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, etc. 

Modified with vegetable oil











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